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Best Addon for Elementor WordPress Plugin with 50+ Most Popular Elements that need your everyday website page building.

Element Pack addon for Elementor has been developed with world’s best practice code standard and meets proper validation using the latest CSS, HTML5 and PHP 7.x technology to bring you a professional addon for Elementor Page Builder Plugin that is WordPress 4.9.x ready.

Element Pack for Elementor included most commonly used elements (which called widget) that help you to easily manage your website content simply drag and drop, seriously no programming knowledge required.

It’s also multilingual ready (some pre-made translation coming very soon) and compatible with latest WPML plugin.

Element Pack addon for Elementor

Element Pack addon for Elementor
Element Pack addon for ElementorElement Pack addon for Elementor

Every Widget Control Now in Your Hand

Turn Off or On Any Element Pack Widget

Element Pack addon for Elementor

Element Pack addon for Elementor

Element Pack Addon Included

Ready Made Homepage:

3rd Parties Plugins Supported :

We are really happy to serve some most popular plugin support. here are some and more are coming very soon.

3rd Parties Themes Supported :

Our Addon Support almost all themes but we tested some most popular theme and confirm it’s must work properly.

  • Avada Supported
  • The 7 Supported
  • Porto Supported
  • OceanWP Supported
  • Raven Supported
  • More are coming soon…

Version Change-log

1.9.0 [Updated 17 March 2018]
+ Advanced Image Gallery Widget added
+ Navbar Widget added
+ Accordion Widget added
+ Tabs Widget added
+ Timeline Widget added
+ WP Forms Widget added
+ Section Sticky Options added
+ Thumb Gallery Widget Custom Content Skin added + Content Transition option added
^ Carousel Thumbnail linked
^ Countdown Widget now align 2 way
^ QR Code Widget now set own page url automatically and can align properly
^ Custom Gallery Masonry option added
# Post Gallery Widget masonry fixed
# Event Calendar Countdown Skin alignment issue fixed
# Flipbox Widget button size issue fixed
# 3rd Party Widget ON/OFF options fixed
# Many small bug fixed + css style improved
$ Language file updated.

1.8.0 [Updated 05 March 2018]
+ Advanced Google Map Widget Added
+ QR Code Widget Added
+ Flip Box Widget Added
+ Post Gallery Fedara, Abetis Skin Added
+ Custom Gallery Fedara, Abetis Skin Added
+ Event Calendar Post Countdown Added in Countdown Widget
+ Offcanvas Button align + size option added
+ Member Widget Calm Skin Added
+ Dropbar Widget align + size option added
+ Widget ON/OFF option added in settings sage
+ 3rd Party Widget ON/OFF option added in setting page
+ Elementor Extended option ON/OFF added in setting page
^ Carousel Widget now more flexible for color change
# All CSS re-factor and removed some unnecessary css, separated rarely used css. [old was 490KB now 233KB]
# Drop first load dropbar show fixed
# Testimonials Slider Rating color fixed
# Modal widget full widget mode content style now accessible
# Many more css and javascript optimized

1.7.0 [Updated 21 February 2018]
+ User Login Widget added with 3 skin [Normal + Dropdown + Modal]
+ Modal widget button align, size, Content overflow scroll option added and improve the edit speed.
+ Member widget Phaedra skin added
+ Testimonial Carousel widget twyla skin added
^ UIKit framework updated to latest version + UIKit icons added.
^ Marker widget now more interactive
^ Modal button now can align properly
^ Custom Gallery Lightbox icon re-arrange for better ux
$ Language file updated

1.6.0 [Updated on 14 February 2018]
+ Plugin Auto Updater function added
+ Advanced Heading widget added
+ News Ticker widget added
+ Scheduled Section option added in section option
^ Scroll nav widget responsive improved
^ Slideshow Widget title now support html tag
^ Slider Widget title now support html tag
# Box shadow option fix for call out widget
# Custom Gallery Mobile size overlap problem fixed
# Slider widget button hover color fixed
# Post slider language translation issue fixed
+ New Business Page Added
+ 2 Agency Homepage added
+ Watch Shop Homepage added
+ 17 Ready-made Section added

1.5.1 [Updated on 06 February 2018]
+ Business plan, Online Course, Event Management Demo Content Added
# Single Widget save issue fixed
- Remove some unnecessary code and files

1.5.0 [Updated on 06 February 2018]
+ Custom Gallery widget added
+ Dropbar widget added
+ Thumb Gallery widget added
+ Scroll Nav widget added
+ Section Particles option added [element built-in elementor section]
+ Element Parallax for all widget [even all built-in elementor widget]
+ Section Background Parallax [elementor built-in section]
^ Update uikit framework
^ Fix some widget style issue
# Post Gallery fix some color issue
# Post block read more style issue fixed
# Pricing list vertical align issue fixed
# Slideshow read more button icon align issue fixed

1.4.0 [Updated on 26 January 2018]
+ Post Gallery Widget Added
+ Animated Heading Widget Added
+ Post block added 2 Extra Skin
+ Slideshow added fullscreen option
# Testimonial carousel widget fixed some styling issue
# Pricing list widget Pricing title + text gap fixed
# Woocommerce single product select option fixed
^ Many internal function improve for better performance
# Slideshow widget fixed some styling issue
# Testimonial slider widget fixed some styling issue
- Woocommerce Custom product select option removed (we will add another custom product select widget)

1.3.0 [Updated on 17 January 2018]
+ Custom Carousel Widget Added
+ Post Block Widget Added
+ Post Slider Widget Added
^ Minor Improve Call out Widget
^ Multiple instance color and style issue fixed for Modal
^ Multiple instance color and style issue fixed for Offcanvas
^ Minor Improve Slideshow widget
^ UIKit framework updated

1.2.0 [Updated on 12th January 2018]

+ SlideShow Widget Added
+ Offcanvas Widget Added
+ Social Share Widget Added
+ Scroll Button Widget Added
^ Minor Improve Progress Pie
^ Minor Improve Slider
^ Minor Improve Trailer box
^ Minor Improve Image Compare
$ Update Language File
+ New App Landing page example added

1.1.0 [Updated on 5th January 2018]

+ CountDown Widget Added
+ Carousel Widget Added
+ Member Widget Added
+ Marker Widget Added
^ Minor improvement in Post Card
^ Minor improvement in Testimonials Carousel
^ Minor improvement in Post Block Modern
^ Minor improvement in Slider
^ Language file updated


+ Initial Release

* -> Security Fix
# -> Bug Fix
$ -> Language fix or change
+ -> Addition
^ -> Change
- -> Removed
! -> Note

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